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MomentProof is the ultimate tool to prove

✅ The state of a package at the points of shipment and delivery 

✅ Property damage you may suffer (e.g. an accident) 

✅ Record of an incident or an event which you may need to prove in the future 

✅ Proof of presence


MomentProof is a third-party verification technology for your digital still images and videos. MomentProof certifies the integrity of the images; the date, time and location of the images. In addition, Momentproof provides a custodial service for the certified images for future needs.

Individuals can use our technology by downloading our mobile app. We can also custom build and embed our technology in corporate digital platforms so that it can be integrated into their regular business flow. 

Woman hand enter a one time password for the validation process on phone, Mobile OTP secur


MomentProof captures the moment and stores it protecting against modification attempts. Our verification algorithm detects perfectly if there are any alteration in any step during the process.

A woman programmer is typing a code on computer to protect a cyber security from hacker at

A moment's beginning ends in a moment
yet we secure it forever


Powerful Computer


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